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Major Affiliated companies

Major Affiliates

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JK International

A company specializing in export to China (27 years of Chinese trade know-how)

Multiple brand copyrights such as cosmetics, baby goods etc.

No.1 vendor of JUMEI, the China's largest online shopping mall.

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APU Trading

Attracting foreign investment from ASIA PASS INVESTMENT (Hong Kong Investment Company)

Building the partnership with Furuta Confectionery in Japan

Promoting the distribution business specializing in animations, characters

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Baikal Nature

Lake Baikal in Russia with the world's largest fresh water volume

Ensuring the right to take water for 50 years (Buryat Government)

Promoting a Korea-China-Japan Joint mineral water plant and building the import and distribution network

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Nature Republic

We aim to find the gift of nature and provide it to customers in the most natural condition.

Meet a beautiful story of the earth and life of Nature Republic, a naturalist brand that provides health and pleasure to your life through the beauty energy found in the world clean nature.

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Hansong Kagi Co., Ltd.

A local subsidiary of Creaplanet in Suzhou, China

Responsible for sales and A/S in China of PCB business

Seeking changes to smart automation equipment manufacturing