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Baikal Nature

Company Overview

Company nameBAIKAL NATURE Inc.
Date of establishment2013
CEOBum Soo, Choi
Location ​C-8F, ​Daelim Acrotel​, 13, Eonju-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul , ​KOREA
Business areasImport and sales of mineral water
Domestic distribution business
Overseas export and distribution business

Baikal Natureis promoting a project to build a Korea-China-Japan Joint mineral water plant in Russia by acquiring the right to take water of Lake Baikal in Russia boasting the world's largest fresh water volume for 50 years from the Buryat Government.

Baikal Nature is promoting the domestic distribution of Baikal mineral water through an exclusive supply contract with BAIKALSEA Company which has the mineral water production capacity of 300-400 million liters per year and accounts for 60% of the total mineral water sales around Lake Baikal (Irkutsk, Buryat Republic, Chita).

Business value

The Lake Baikal was formed 2.5 million years ago and is a crescent-shaped freshwater lake between Irkutsk, the south of Russia's eastern Siberia and Buryat Republic and boasts the world's largest freshwater volume as a single lake due to the area of 31,500 ㎢ and a maximum depth of 1,636m and was designated by UNESCO as World Wildlife Reserve in 1996.

Given that the per capita water consumption is 500 liters, freshwater volume in the Lake Baikal means that the entire population of the Earth can survive for 40 years using only Baikal water.

About Products

Baikal Pearl Product Family

Mineral : 0.19-0.31 g/ℓ
Ionic composition of mg/l
Baikal Reserve Product Family (Carbonated Water)
Mineral : 1.2-3.0 g/ℓ
Ionic composition of mg/l

Baikal 430 Product Family

Mineral : 0.15 g g/ℓ
Ionic composition of mg/l

As Nickel is reported to have been detected in some water purifier manufacturers' products, domestic water purifier market is shrinking, and consumers' anxiety about the sanitary condition of the replacement type water bottle market is increasing.

The disposable water bottle product of Baikal Nature's product line up will become a new premium product that will be introduced for the first time in Korea.