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APU Trading

Company Overview

Name of corporationAPU TRADING Inc.Business areasWholesale, wholesale and
retail, trade, food import sales
Date of establishmentAugust 10, 2015CEOJae Hyung, Kim
Number of full-time employees5 peopleMajor businesses 1. Distribution of Japanese figure snack (Product name: Choco Toy)
2. Distribution of Baikal mineral water in Russia
Location ​C-8F, ​Daelim Acrotel​, 13, Eonju-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul , ​KOREA Homepagehttp://aputrading.com/
Core competitiveness A global exclusive partner of Furuta Confectionery in Japan which has the character figure copyright of extra games, film companies such as Disney, Pixar, Nintendo etc.
A GS Retail partner who can distribute products through 10,500 GS25 convenience stores nationwide
RemarksRecognized for the potential of the highly competitive Wag the Dog distribution business model, the foreign-invested enterprise that attracted US $ 410,000 foreign capital from the Hong Kong investment company API

About Business - Distribution of Japanese figure snack (CHOCO TOY)

It is a business that exclusively imports confectionery (brand name: CHOCO TOY) with one of the world famous character figures by series from Japan and and distributes it

Wag the Dog Marketing

The Wag the dog marketing strategy is the most important feature of this business, which makes customers purchase products with charming 'a free gift' that you want to have even by paying.

Despite the fact that it has not yet been officially sold in Korea, it is so popular that not a few enthusiasts are purchasing and collecting figures sweets of Furuta confectionery containing figures they want through travels in Japan or direct foreign purchase.

Business competitiveness

1. Choco Toy’s competitiveness

A. Proven Japan's ultra-long big hit products (currently 2.5 million pieces sold monthly)

B. Sale of new figure series every two months

C. The same high quality as the figure sold separately

D. Popular for collecting in all age groups such as youth, adult as well as children

E. Stimulating the collection needs of customers by adding secret models by series

F. Products composed of the most popular series such as Pocket Monster, Star Wars, Toy Story, Winter Kingdom etc.

G. Figure release schedule according to the release of theatrical version animation

H. Other companies cannot imitate because of the huge amount of character royalty such as Disney, Pixar, Nintendo, etc.

2. Friendly market environment

A. Expansion of imported confectionery market and MADE IN JAPAN premium

B. The rapid growth of the kidult market, including figures

C. Global big hit of similar products such as Kinder Suprise Egg, Kinderjoy

3. Released on April 2017: Pocket Monster XY & Z Series

A. Released Pokemon XY & Z 14 figure products for the first time in Korea

B. Korean service craze of Pokemon GO, the world's greatest hit mobile game

About Business - Distribution of Russian Baikal water

It is a business to supply and sell Baikal Water (brand name: BAIKAL WATER) made of deep-seated water of the Lake Baikal in Russia, which boasts the world's largest fresh water volume

'BAIKALSEA Company' takes water of Lake Baikal and underground bedrock water in two areas near Lake Baikal which is the deepest, oldest, and has ancient cleanliness of the world to produce bottled water at a bottled water production plant in Irkutsk.

All four production line facilities owned by this plant are imported from Italy, and one production line can produce about 25,000 bottles of mineral water in an hour.

‘BAIKALSEA Company’, which thoroughly manages the production process of products, has the international quality certificate ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System Certificate) and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certificate) and these certificates are renewed every three years through the evaluation

Baikal Water produced by ‘BAIKALSEA Company’ is sold in several large cities in Russia such as Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk through Magnit, the Russia's largest retailer. It is also exported to China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, some European countries.

Product types

Baikal Water produced by 'BAIKALSEA Company' is distributed by differing in name and price of bottled water according to the water collecting site.

Representative products include ‘DEEP BAIKAL WATER’ made of deep water drawn from 430m of Lake Baikal, ‘BAIKAL PEARL’ made of 60m underground bedrock water of Hadio Cobo, ‘BAIKAL RESERVE’ with the most abundant minerals made of 352m underground bedrock water of Al Ha and ‘BAIKAL PEARL FOR BABY’, which is mineral water for children.


The water is collected from Listvyanka, the famous tourist village at the shore of Lake Baikal.

The plastic bottle containing mineral water is adorned with the scenery of the beautiful Lake Baikal, so it feels like you are directly drinking water of the Lake Baikal.


It is a high quality glass product made of 60m underground bedrock water of the Hadio Kobo village which is about an hour drive from Irkutsk.


It is made of 352m underground bedrock water of 'Alha' village which is about 40 minutes by car from Irkutsk, and the mineral content of Baikal mineral water is the highest.